Program Outcomes

While recognizing that homelessness is a vast issue area and could take on a myriad of strategies to help families and individuals stay housed, our Program Officers analyze the following outcomes, which were informed by feedback from direct service providers and issue area experts, as a sign of quality services.
The list below is not intended to be an exhaustive list of all outcomes tracked by service providers however are important factors used to evaluate a grant application.
  • Percentage of individuals/families that transition to more stable housing
  • Percentage of individuals/families that maintain stable housing
  • Length of time individuals/families maintain stable housing
  • Progress toward achieving stated program goals
For further information on our Housing issue area, please contact Molly Baltman.


The objectives of our Housing issue area are to support effective strategies that keep individuals and families at risk of homelessness in stable housing and to promote the delivery of services to homeless populations.

Eligible Programs

Homeless Prevention: Emergency financial assistance programs that offer support and legal services aimed at keeping vulnerable populations housed
Supportive Housing: Supportive long term housing programs that offer comprehensive social services
Transitional Housing/Shelter: Time-limited housing, with support services, for populations not eligible for, or requiring permanent supportive housing (i.e. youth, domestic violence survivors)
Systems Support: program supporting an agency's ability to affect systemic change by promoting policies that bring additional resources to a sector and/or leading coordinated planning initiatives shared by multiple stakeholders.

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