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Fundraising with the McCormick Foundation

Colonel Robert R. McCormick worked to make his community a better place and left a legacy of service. He believed we all can be leaders with the power to change the future. For over 60 years the Foundation has kept those beliefs alive.

Matching Partners

In continuing the legacy, the McCormick Foundation, through its Communities Program, partners with media outlets, sports teams and philanthropic organizations across the country to transform and improve communities. With our Fund Partners, money is raised from the general public through campaigns, special events and sponsorships. For these specific partners, the McCormick Foundation matches money raised for the fund at 50 cents on the dollar to increase the impact of charitable donations. With the Foundation and our Partners paying all expenses, 100 percent of all donations, plus the match, is granted through our local Fund Partner to qualified nonprofit organizations with programs that empower disadvantaged children, adults and families to improve their lives, strengthen the community and become self-sufficient.

Other Community Partners

In select instances, the McCormick Foundation partners with local organizations on issue-related campaigns, coordinating fundraising and granting activities with designated partners. Also, the Foundation facilitates donations to Cantigny Park, part of the Robert R. McCormick Foundation. As such, donations to Cantigny Park or issue-related campaigns from the public are not supported with additional matching funds from the Foundation unless otherwise designated.

The Robert R. McCormick Foundation is a registered 501(c)(3)public charity, IRS registration #36-3689171.