Developing educated, informed, and engaged citizens.

Concept Map


Schools create and maintain a positive and democratic school climate that promotes students’ civic development, engagement and sense of belonging


  • Mission Statement display
  • Student Code of Conduct
  • Furniture promotes comfort and collaboration
  • Students have certain areas that they can design and/or decorate
  • Disciplinary data
  • Student surveys on belonging
  • 5Essentials Data on School Climate
  • Student Bill of Rights


  • Teachers are trained in the use of restorative practices to address disciplinary matters in their classrooms
  • Student work related to their civic engagement is displayed throughout the school
  • Peer juries support student leadership to address peer conflicts
  • Student handbook and school code of conduct supports building civic norms and values
  • Teachers and administrators model their own civic engagement with students

Connections to Principles of "Lived Civics"

  • School mission statements are updated based on student voice and students’ lived experiences
  • Administrators and teachers attend to student identities and interact positively and respectfully with students
  • Administrators, teachers and students reflect on the power dynamics that exist in schools

Case Study

An integral part of Metea Valley High School is the Metea LIFE statement, which is prominently displayed throughout the building. This mission to Live with Integrity, Inspire a Passion for Learning, Foster Positive Relationships, and Expect Equity and Excellence for All is woven into the fabric of the school. Whether displayed on classroom posters, brandished on stairway risers, or used as talking points during a Principal address, it is a common message on what the school values, how the school community should act, and how the school approaches learning.

Beyond the LIFE statement, Metea is an environment that seeks to involve all students. Through its activities, events, and programs, diversity is celebrated. Students are encouraged to have a voice in their school and community through clubs and activities such as student government, the Principal Advisory Board, and Metea Media; all eagerly invite students to share their authentic voices in creating the school environment. Teachers work purposefully to build positive and meaningful relationships with students, and when necessary, implement restorative justice principles in disciplinary situations. And as a part of their orientation, new teachers are trained on the civic mission of the school and how the Metea LIFE statement supports that mission.