What makes a community strong?  

You do, by caring about those less fortunate. So many people require assistance to meet daily basic human needs for themselves and their families. Others seek help to improve their lives through educational, literacy and job training programs. We must continue to help those in need now and in the future.

A charitable bequest to your local McCormick Foundation Fund will help keep your community strong in the years ahead.

The McCormick Foundation and its Fund Partners are dedicated to strengthening society by improving the lives of children, youth and families. Each Fund supports local nonprofit agencies that address specific needs in their community. Explore our website to learn more about a specific McCormick Foundation Fund and the areas of interest supported.

If you require additional information or wish to notify us of a designation, please contact the Development Department at 312.445.5044 or development@mccormickfoundation.org.

Each generation has a responsibility to those who follow.

Create a lasting legacy and include a McCormick Foundation Fund in your estate planning.

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