New Veterans in Illinois:
A Call To Action

A new Social IMPACT Research Center report provides previously unseen data on recent veterans in Illinois and a blueprint to help service providers and other community leaders support veterans’ reintegration to civilian life.
  • Age: 78% are in their 30s or younger.
  • Employment: Illinois had the 4th highest unemployment rate for new veterans in 2010, at 13%.
  • Gender: Women comprise 17% of new veterans. 18% of female veterans are not in the labor force compared to 11 % of male veterans.
  • Mental Health: 26% of post 9/11 veterans deployed more than once, leaving them more vulnerable to invisible wounds such as TBI and/or PTSD.
  • Geography: Concentrated in Chicago area, near Great Lakes Naval Base, and around St. Louis, near the Scott Air Force Base.
  • Income: 46% earn less than $30,000 annually.
  • Education: 67% have a high school diploma, and 22% have a college or professional degree

Thresholds Veteran Project

provides services to veterans with significant barriers in the Chicago region, including high touch case management, mental health & substance abuse services, veteran to veteran peer support and supported employment. >>

The Home Base Program
The Homebase Program

serves New England veterans affected by Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and Traumatic Brain Injury. It provides a variety of services to create greater access to services for veterans and to combat the stigma associated with these illnesses.  >>

Veterans Program

Our Mission and Vision

Investing in, learning from, and exporting successful models of Veteran support will enable Veterans to become strategic assets in their local and national communities.

Our Approach

Robert R. McCormick was a citizen soldier who believed in service to country and had a lifelong commitment to those who serve in our nation's armed forces. Today, we continue this commitment to serving those who have served our country and also their families. In particular, our nation's younger veterans are experiencing new and complex challenges as they transition to civilian life. To help veterans realize their full potential and to honor their service and sacrifice, we focus on three key areas:

  • Create a high-performing system of care in local communities providing veterans access to a range of comprehensive services at the local level.
  • Invest in capacity building for critical, high-performing nonprofits focusing on veterans in the Chicagoland area.
  • Develop learning communities comprised of nonprofit, government and transitional veteran serving organizations to identify best practices in services delivery


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YouTube Icon MediumWatch Us On YouTube Your donations helped raise over $1 million to help central Illinois communities recover from tornadoes. >>

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