Program Outcomes

While recognizing that health and wellness is a vast issue area and could take on a myriad of strategies to help children improve their health, our Program Officers analyze the following outcomes, which were informed by feedback from direct service providers and issue area experts, as a sign of quality services.
The list below is not intended to be an exhaustive list of all outcomes tracked by service providers however are important factors used to evaluate a grant application.
  • Maintain and/or lower BMI
  • Improve ability to make healthy food choices
  • Increase physical activity
  • Increase percentage of mothers choosing to breastfeed
Community Health Centers
  • Improve health outcomes for medically underserved
  • Decrease in number of emergency room visits
  • Decrease in the number of low-birth weight babies born
  • Reduction in the overall medical expenses for patients seen
School Based Health Centers
  • Increase in students’ knowledge of health issues
  • Reduction in number of positive STI infections
  • Increase in class attendance
  • Decrease in behavioral deferrals
  • Decrease in rate of subsequent births for teen mothers
Maternal/Child Health
  • Increase in positive birth outcomes
  • Increase in hospital breastfeeding initiation rates
  • Increase in immunizations for new babies
  • Increase in number of mothers receiving comprehensive prenatal care
For more information on our Health and Wellness issue area, please contact Lesley Kennedy.

The objectives of our Health and Wellness issue area are to support programs that provide access to healthcare in low income communities and promote healthy living practices in low income communities.

Eligible Programs

Obesity Awareness, Prevention and Treatment: Nutrition/physical fitness programs that encourage healthy eating, exercise, and wellness along with breastfeeding promotion as a preventative strategy that is included as part of comprehensive support services for mothers and babies
Community and School-Based Health Centers: Community health centers that provide a wide range of prevention and treatment services such as school-based health centers that focus on prevention and treatment services, comprehensive reproductive health education and teen pregnancy prevention and outreach
Maternal and Child Health: Maternal/child care services including pre/post natal care and classes
Advocacy/Technical Assistance: Advocacy efforts that secure additional resources, or promote systemic change and/or provide training for agency staff

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