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Chicago Tribune Charities, a fund of the Robert R. McCormick Foundation, is committed to ensuring that at-risk kids and families across Chicagoland have access to programs that will allow them to realize their full potential.

Grants are provided through Chicago Tribune Charities to nonprofit organizations with programs focused on:

The complete grant guidelines, application procedures and additional information for Chicago Tribune Charities are available online.

The Workforce Development - Letter of Inquiry (LOI) process is currently closed for the 2015 grant cycle.

The Child Abuse Prevention and Trauma Treatment -Letter of Inquiry (LOI) process is currently closed for the 2014 grant cycle.

The Child and Youth Education- Letter of Inquiry (LOI) process is currently closed for the 2014 grant cycle.

The Adult Literacy - Letter of Inquiry (LOI) process is currently closed for the 2014 grant cycle.

100 Million Reasons to Celebrate are just a few.

Victoria is one of them

Victoria couldn’t speak English, and struggled connecting with the world around her. Even daily activities were often a challenge. She couldn’t communicate with her children’s teachers. She even struggled talking with her children.

Frustrated, Victoria enlisted in a local college to learn English. But her already fragile self-esteem took further abuse from a disrespectful teacher and an unsupportive learning environment. She was made to feel she would never succeed.

Victoria felt hopeless, but then she discovered Christopher House. With six locations throughout Chicago, Christopher House helps at-risk children and families through vital early childhood services, youth and family support, and parent and pre-natal education. They also offer adult education, including adult literacy programs to provide people like Victoria the chance to flourish.

Victoria’s determination and attitude have proven valuable allies in her quest to speak English. She has improved rapidly, and continues to take remarkable strides.

“I didn’t want to go to the bank or store. But now I can go anywhere,” says Victoria. “I understand the questions. And I can ask my own.”

Since Victoria walked through the doors of Christopher House, other doors have opened for her, too. Victoria now has the self-confidence she lacked. She is proud of her achievements. So are her children. 

Thinking back at the experience she had with her local college, Victoria says, “I want to go back and show that I have learned to speak English very well. To show my teacher he was wrong.”

Christopher House is one of the many organizations supported through Chicago Tribune Charities. In 1990, the Chicago Tribune and the McCormick Foundation partnered to create Chicago Tribune Charities, a McCormick Foundation Fund. Together, they have recently reached a significant milestone: passing the $100 million mark in charitable grants. Chicago Tribune Charities is dedicated to supporting nonprofit organizations that promote child abuse prevention and treatment, adult literacy, child and youth education, and workforce development.

More reasons to celebrate!

About Chicago Tribune Charities

In 1990, the Chicago Tribune expanded its longtime commitment to Chicagoland and established Chicago Tribune Charities as a fund of the Robert R. McCormick Foundation, positively impacting the lives of thousands of disadvantaged children, families and adults every year.

Through Chicago Tribune Charities, grants are made to local nonprofit agencies that ensure that the disadvantaged in our community have access to vital programs that focus on:

  • Teaching children and adults to read
  • Offering job training for the unemployed
  • Providing safe havens and counseling for children and families suffering from domestic violence
  • Giving youths in low-income communities a well-rounded education

With the generous support of donors and the match provided by the McCormick Foundation, more than $98 million has been granted through Chicago Tribune Charities, providing the means for those less fortunate to improve their lives and realize their full potential.

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