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Chicago Tribune Charities, a fund of the Robert R. McCormick Foundation, is committed to ensuring that at-risk kids and families across Chicagoland have access to programs that will allow them to realize their full potential.

Grants are provided through Chicago Tribune Charities to nonprofit organizations with programs focused on:

The complete grant guidelines, application procedures and additional information for Chicago Tribune Charities are available online.

The Workforce Development - Letter of Inquiry (LOI) process is currently closed for the 2015 grant cycle.

The Child Abuse Prevention and Trauma Treatment -Letter of Inquiry (LOI) process is currently closed for the 2014 grant cycle.

The Child and Youth Education- Letter of Inquiry (LOI) process is currently closed for the 2014 grant cycle.

The Adult Literacy - Letter of Inquiry (LOI) process is currently closed for the 2014 grant cycle.

100 Million Reasons to Celebrate are just a few.

Sunday is one of them

Sunday was born in a refugee camp on the Thailand- border. They had no electricity. He received limited schooling. His was a life on hold. Sunday was only six when his family was released, moved to the United States, and away from the only life he knew.

Arriving in the Chicago suburb of Glen Ellyn, Sunday didn’t speak English. He had no literacy training, even in his native language. He had no friends. He was with his family, but isolated from the world around him.

Within a few days of starting his new school, Sunday enrolled in Glen Ellyn Children’s Resource Center. GECRC supplies daily academic support and life-skills training from professional staffers, with an emphasis on literacy. Sunday blossomed, improving by seven reading levels in one year alone.

Three years later, Sunday is just like any other ten-year old. He plays soccer and basketball. He loves to write. And he’s a sterling example for his younger brother Wednesday and younger sisters Paw Paw and Jasmine. His family may have travelled 8,000 miles from Thailand to Glen Ellyn. But Sunday has gone so much further.

Glen Ellyn Children’s Resource Center is one of the many organizations supported through Chicago Tribune Charities, a McCormick Foundation Fund. In 1990, the Chicago Tribune and the McCormick Foundation partnered to create Chicago Tribune Charities, a McCormick Foundation Fund. Together, they have recently reached a significant milestone: passing the $100 million mark in charitable grants. Chicago Tribune Charities is dedicated to supporting nonprofit organizations that promote child abuse prevention and treatment, adult literacy, child and youth education, and workforce development.

More Reasons to Celebrate!

About Chicago Tribune Charities

In 1990, the Chicago Tribune expanded its longtime commitment to Chicagoland and established Chicago Tribune Charities as a fund of the Robert R. McCormick Foundation, positively impacting the lives of thousands of disadvantaged children, families and adults every year.

Through Chicago Tribune Charities, grants are made to local nonprofit agencies that ensure that the disadvantaged in our community have access to vital programs that focus on:

  • Teaching children and adults to read
  • Offering job training for the unemployed
  • Providing safe havens and counseling for children and families suffering from domestic violence
  • Giving youths in low-income communities a well-rounded education

With the generous support of donors and the match provided by the McCormick Foundation, more than $98 million has been granted through Chicago Tribune Charities, providing the means for those less fortunate to improve their lives and realize their full potential.

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